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U-Too Ministries believes that everyone has an ability to serve and Love others.  Many of our community leaders have been hurt by churches and other organizations, so we know what its like to want to do something but be met with discouragement, lack of funds or indifference.  We continue on, pursue the prize, run our race.  We love Jesus and believe that He is the only way.  We want to invest in your future, not be concerned with your past.  Jesus paid the price, forgave us, looks past our faults so we strive to do the same with our ministry.  If you feel the same, join us to serve our Lord and King together.  There is something for everyone, God can use those who are willing!

Local Weekly Food Ministry

 We serve a meal once a week followed by worship, and a Bible study.  The main course is usually hamburgers, but there is often a variety of different options.  There are currently 4 locations, the original location in Kingsland, TX one in Amarillo, TX, Marble Falls, TX and the newest location, Greenville, Texas.


I have heard many people say that this is a life saver for them.  Those going through a difficult time, a free meal really lifts their spirits.  It is a great way to get to know the people in your community, to speak life into them and build relationships.  


We want one in your town!  Have a passion for people? Can you grill burgers?  Share the gospel?  Then you can be a part of U-Too Ministries Food Ministry!

If this is a ministry you want in your area and are willing to head it up we will partner with you to make it happen.  

Prison Ministry

Many people find themselves searching for meaning to their life.  They look for love, excitement, a career, drugs and many other things.  Search for significance teaches us to find our identity in Christ.

Because of Christ's redemption I am a new creation of great worth.  I am deeply loved,completely forgiven, fully pleasing,totally accepted by God, and absolutely complete in Christ.  There has never been another person like me in the history of humankind, nor will there ever be.  God has made me an original, one of a kind, really somebody!

pg 113 The Search for Significance workbook

We are regulars at the San Saba, TX and Hondo, TX Correctional units, but attend many more!

Literature Distribution

The 365 day Freedom devotionals were written by Deidre McDonald, an inmate with the TDCJ system.  Deidre had the passion to share her faith and encourage others, all while in prison.  U-Too ministries helped get the books edited and published.  In 2016, U-Too had distributed over 9,000 devotionals into prisons all across Texas(all for free).  In 2017, that number has reached over 15 thousand!  If you or someone you know would benefit from a copy please email us their information and we would be glad to get them a copy for no charge.  

The children's Bible distribution came out of a need that Tom saw ministering in the prison.  One woman told Tom that she really wished that her children could have a Bible to read and learn from.  Not, knowing the extent of what the Lord had planned, Tom agreed to get her children a Bible.  After that, Tom opened up the opportunity for all the moms to request that their children receive a Bible.  U-Too receives several requests every week and we just pray for the continued financial need to be met as well as the willingness of people to help distribute these Bibles all over the world!  It is a true blessing for these kids to get a Bible from their mom and to be told that their mom loves them!  Follow U-Too Ministries on Facebook to see if there is a delivery needed near you!  God Bless!

Ephesians 6:18; Pray in Spirit at all times and on every occasion. Stay alert and be persistent in your prayers for all believers everywhere.


1 Thessalonians 5:16-18; Always be joyful. Never stop praying. Be thankful in all circumstances, for this is Gods will for you who belong to Christ Jesus. 

There is such power in Prayer. Prayer is the doorway that opens up when we talk to God and brings Heaven down to us on Earth. No matter your circumstances, God wants to hear them. He is begging for you to talk to Him and give all your earthly hurts, needs and desires over to Him. He had your life planned since the day you were born and He wants the very best for you. We just have to talk to Him in prayer then trust in Him, knowing He is taking care of us and is in complete control. You can pray silently, whispering or loudly it does not matter, God hears your every word. If you need prayer I would be glad to lift you up to God.

Please write to: 

U-Too Ministry-Prayer Partners

PO Box 1352

Kingsland TX 78639

Or Email:

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